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Hey Everyone!!! I've been hard at work on the new album. There are 15 songs with a mixture of acoustic / electric flavors. There's no fluff in my writing style. My lyrics range from envirormental issues, love. political views and story songs. Of course it wouldn't be me without a sideways satrical , tounge in cheek, [smartass] song or two. You'll hear it again on "How can you believe it when a fat man sings the blues".  I have some great musicians recording with me who have lent their creative juices to the songs.There will also be some guest stars on this album. I'll start posting preliminary mixes of the songs as soon as we mix them down into stereo. Be sure to let me know your thoughts, likes and dislikes. Be brutally honest. I'm only playing limited dates until I finish the recording process. I'm sure I'll be back out playing several nights a week by February. In the mean time go out and see some local talent! Sal

DOWNLOAD MY THE SONGS FOR FREE! (Click on MY MUSIC tab) You heard right...but if you like the music please toss a few bucks in the bands tip jar! We're accepting donations to pay for studio time, touring and all the expenses involved in bringing you new music and video. Simply click my TIP JAR below and follow the simple instructions. You can put it on Visa or any other payment method easily and you'll be helping promote the music. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your contributions...thank you, thank you thank you!

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